For weight loss after 40 years is a long time without damage to health

More as we grow older, more difficult to solve problems, protection, health, and, as a result, the question often arises: how to keep your weight, even if it does not decrease, why hurt yourself?

Throughout life, we are constantly changing, both emotionally and physiologically. That retain the properties reflected in every phase of life and normal weight. Essentially the same principles to reduce the weight of the different age of people, but still there are some features.

We younger, lose weight more easily. Any attempt to react, the body more easily diet, and physical activity. At this age, most commonly promotes weight loss any stressful situation, you gain more weight.

Step into weights but not move the age of forty Arrows before and now logic. Weight, or value, or relentlessly moves upward. As we know, the diet doesn't work. We actively continue, but this already is enough. Increasingly cause stress and weight gain. What happened and how to keep it is a normal weight? He keeps many and more serious questions: how after 40 years of weight?

Weight how after 40 years, without any harm to his health

how to lose weight after 40

Slimming question Forty years later, a job that excites a lot of people useful tips on how to collect special resources available on the internet. I guess it's not just me, but this information will be very useful.

Active in the human body which begin to form after the age of 40, hormonal changes in road speed degradation of cell renewal. Initiated the process of aging. Metabolic or body's metabolic processes begin to slow down and it does not change anything in your life, especially nutrition, exercise and sleep, and then the aging body will be fast weight of the various chronic diseases that occur as a result and quickly typed a disease, such as diabetes, heart disease and joint problems.

The weight change for the series after the age of 40 more often affects the thyroid gland. After consultation, the endocrinologist, the doctor who started to gain weight (despite all efforts, is eating properly and active movement) and to reduce him in any way, the most frequently detected hypothyroidism. This is a slowdown with active thyroid disease, i.e., production of hormones regulating metabolism of the entire body. This problem is generally adequate for replacement therapy will help.

For those who are concerned with food, for those who want to lose weight, 40 years later

Need to remember food of the youth of those already forty completely different, as is the amount and the amount of calories.

  • Deploy "wrong" to quit a habit for a plate of food.
  • Change your usual three meals a day, five or six, and save your total daily calories.
  • Remember, a glass of wine equals 150 calories.
  • Enjoy food, chew it thoroughly and less time you feel you need to.
  • Let a vegetable or fruit during each meal diet. So you don't miss out what you need to eat vegetables and fruit.
  • The main meal should be based on vegetable or grain, meat and fish here not only as a spice.
  • Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables helps to reduce weight.
  • All the fragmented grain is the same, even though we know that there is no nutritional value.

Like us, tired to hear it's not calories, but, unfortunately, without it, reducing weight is a difficult compromise. It's a simple equation: life is to be used for the food we got everything, the rest goes in stocks. The more we move, the more calories we need food. And vice versa, the less you move, the less you need to eat. What it looks chocolate? Only 150 kcal. But if it required to eat every day in excess of a year to heal 10 kg. have reduced then 40, and after physical activity, weight gain is inevitable. At this age constantly and to remember the rule: needless to about seven — stay in your room and active movement.

Forty years later, the need to keep nutrition log, table control, weight and volume, helps reduce weight gain and cause products which are both correct him. Because all individual: what happens can bring harm to one another. Knowingly, properties, body, easier to take steps in terms of keeping a normal weight.

Should not be allowed when it occurs, the feeling of hunger and at the same time, the need does not refer to. A large part of the diet focused on the presence of AC, just after the age of 40 is unacceptable. In this approach the body react after normal feeding and excessive body weight gain this weight catches their transition to normal. It's getting harder reset is therefore unnecessary. Our goal by giving less, but this toughness to maintain.

To do this, an organized power mode, and smaller and frequently are varied. Go, eat 5 or 6 day intervals to a maximum of 3.5 hours. Thus, in order to preserve the stability of blood sugar easily, to avoid hunger and fatigue.

Many experts claiming to be all eaten before bedtime was delayed, waist and thighs. But at the same time, everything eaten in the morning, when metabolic processes such as active phase, the body was completely processed. Therefore, to restore or save anyone, this weight gain is normal, I don't even want for breakfast.

How to cope with a desire to eat something tasty, but very useful? To combat this need. For a long time to learn or just enjoy chew the food. The cake is a mouth and break her for a long time. The brain that remembers fun (and feed the brain most important to us), and the second slice it is not always necessary. Just here's a hint, the second piece of the village away, what is called, you're out of my sight. There's cake, but you need to get to him. The brain understands: "no, forbidden and eat, but then that's enough," he said. We like tricked himself. Banned and was postponed.

Artificial sweeteners, flavor and sweet, but not saturation. Therefore, to get rid of products such as the feeling of hunger is unlikely. Better to eat a little sweet, but then just have a main course products, sweeteners, and even on an empty stomach.

Diet products, fat burning promote. This and pineapple, Greens, Yesil tea, grapefruit, artichokes, and others. In this case, all the other foods you eat, but he wouldn't need the process medium and to reduce weight.

Foods that help burn fat

  • Oats – grain whole grains gives a feeling of fullness for a longer period, more Hercules . Oats, cereal grains, high levels of soluble fiber, therefore, possible to reduce cholesterol and blood lipid.
  • Egg – eating boiled eggs in the morning, weight loss will be faster if you have more it's just a mess.
  • Yogurt, nonfat contains the optimal amount of protein and fat, a good application for a second breakfast.
  • Eaten half an hour before eating the apple, pectin fibers and decreases appetite at the expense of their own. As a result, the saturated man, eat less.
  • Lean red meats (beef, veal, turkey meat) – protein helps to maintain dense, Nov provided mass of active and lack of time to exercise you that it's not terrible.
  • Cinnamon – lowers insulin levels and in turn increase the talent level, blood sugar and cholesterol. You can add cinnamon, cocktails, drinks, fruit salads, pastries.
  • Almond – intensive vegetable protein triglycerides normalize.

Water-related ones for 40

  • Enough water to drink.
  • Confuse thirst with hunger
  • Wear, bring a bottle of water anytime and anywhere
  • To try more delicious by adding water, juice, citrus fruits, and strawberries.

To move for those who want to reduce weight, 40 years later

  • Try and move as much as possible. So if you sit, then get up and move every hour and things to do: your home from Home, Garden, up and down the stairs to the entrance.
  • Electrical appliances of trust assist us in facilitating labor costs: washing machines, steam cleaners, etc. is forced to move more housework yourself a lot more.
  • Use a pedometer to control the number of movements. The goal is to gradually increase the number of steps a day (at least 3000).
  • Try to play a more active person than there is on a regular basis. Note when you delete how talented the apartment, filling the bed to move, stop, etc.

Many say, active living and is called "vacuum cleaners". But this feature of the body is enough for them to build the need to move those power load 40 this Nov. Because when your body in a natural way of aging, Nov oil is changed.

A normal move, like this walking, it really helps for your health, especially those with heart problems, however, may build up to reduce weight may exercise. Therefore, you must enable a complex exercise morning Gymnastics rubber band. Collateral activities such as regular activity, gradual increase in effort and time. With age a layer of fat right to the resulting unnecessary hair Nov October.

For those who want a normal night's sleep, support your weight

  • Remember, he who sleeps little, more weight
  • If there before going to bed, then the body is easy to eat and your sleep more restful than with the remnants.
  • Not sleeping, not having eaten for some milk.

Starts contribute to sleep disorders how easy weight. In this case, the designed saturation hormone leptin and ghrelin control their emotions and hunger, inadequate sleep produced is wrong. Leptin and ghrelin increases the saturation is reduced and the person doesn't feeling of hunger ever-present. Usually people, not enough sleep, the human eating more sugar and more salt. Thus, the body works to fill, and lack of energy.

Adjustable sleep, trouble losing weight and you can be sure got easier. Ultimately, more and better sleep, better fat burning the transition process.

Forty years later, sudden lifestyle changes, nutritional or physical burden, nor end without a way out: just fatigue and frustration. So move slowly to a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, to remember is regularity. The master secret after 40 years of this weight.

The balance of the equation "how much is the average spent a lot of energy and" in my life to protect. Gotta highlight the selection means to increase the amount of burning calories, the exercise of physical force or stress to a normal diet, which means reducing consumption of calories, the right calories or slimming due to the volume of makeup products. The choice is yours.